See you later, ya Misr — I will miss you

We are leaving in ten minutes for our flight to Ethiopia. I am so excited for all the unknowns to come, as we are wandering into truly unknown territory for me as of now. But I will miss so deeply all those amazing people — this amazing family — I have here in Egypt. I love you all. I am confident that I will return soon, insh’Allah, and I cannot wait to see you then 🙂


There will be at least one more post on Egypt once we touch down in Ethiopia. But until then — ma’a salaama ya Misr!


3 thoughts on “See you later, ya Misr — I will miss you

  1. Idk why but i’m having trouble navigating ur pretty blog sometimes lol. TAKE MORE PIX. I like them hehe. Oh buddy boy, sure sounds like ur living it up over there. Of course, i would expect nothing less. But keep ur head about u and dont be a buttcheek if u can help it. So how’s the food over there? and what’s ur primary mode of transportation? btw i enjoyed good ole Pichardo’s comment; glad u have a nice following going. u deserve it xoxo

    • And is there some sort of character limit to these damn comment boxes??? cuz i keep getting cut off passed the third line…grrr >.<

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