The time has come! This afternoon, Nathan and I are flying off to Cairo. We will arrive tomorrow, and insh’Allah, receive our visas without a problem. I am also hoping that we can beat the curfew currently being enforced by Egyptian security forces, else we’ll be trapped at the airport. (At times like these, I pat myself on the back for thinking to have names & numbers handy for contacts in Egypt and the U.S. Embassy, lest we actually do find ourselves visa-less and trapped).

Fingers crossed for our safe arrival in Egypt, and our smooth passage into the city! Insh’Allah, I will post a longer report next from the comfort of our Cairene hostel, with some word on how the city fares in the midst of the latest strife. I remain cautiously optimistic about our safety, recognizing that our safety depends more on our caution than any amount of optimism.

‘Til soon!


3 thoughts on “Departure.

  1. forget the “insh allah” he hasn’t listened to all the egyptians calling to him, so what makes you think he sees or hears you?? you and nathan be safe. love grandma

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